2019 Furry Scurry

Monroe's Mighty K9 Crew

This year we are doing the Furry Scurry in honor of Charles Roberts and Cooper Green.

For the last seven years Charles and Joe have done some sort of endurance event, most recently doing sun up to sun down runs to benefit the Dumb Friends League. Charles had a brain aneurysm late last year. He is not able to run right now, but is making an amazing recovery. He is still very passionate about animals and support rescue organizations. This year, Tony Cline will be joining Joe for the run in honor of Charles.

Cooper was dianosed with lymphoma earlier this year. Cooper has proven to be the Super Cooper we all know and love. He has undergone several tretments and is doing very well, considering what he was up against. Fun fact, Cooper is a Dumb Friends League alumn and we may have had a hand in his adoption!

For those of you that don't know, the Furry Scurry is a great Denver tradition that brings animal lovers together for a fun walk with a very important purpose: helping the Dumb Friends League care for thousands of lost, abandoned, abused and unwanted pets and horses, and giving them a second chance at happiness in a forever home.

If animals have brought you as much joy as they've given us, this is your opportunity to show some love to homeless pets and horses and change their lives for the better.

Thank you so much for helping me make a difference to homeless pets and horses. I appreciate your support!

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