2019 Furry Scurry

Join us at the Furry Scurry,  Darby, Mia and Ian
Join us at the Furry Scurry, Darby, Mia and Ian

Whisker Walkers

Please support us

Hello! We hope you'll support our efforts to help homeless pets and horses at the Dumb Friends League by joining or donating to our team in the 26th annual Furry Scurry.

The Furry Scurry is a great Denver tradition that brings animal lovers together for a fun walk with a very important purpose: helping the Dumb Friends League care for thousands of lost, abandoned, abused and unwanted pets and horses, and giving them a second chance at happiness in a forever home.

If animals have brought you as much joy as they've given us, this is your opportunity to show some love to homeless pets and horses and change their lives for the better.

Thank you so much for helping us make a difference to homeless pets and horses. We appreciate your support!


P.S. We'll be there and we'd love to meet you..and we can't wait to meet all the kitty loving volunteers,. Purrs and cuddles and head-butts from Darby, Mia and Ian.. 

Of course, though, we ARE going to make our Mama do all the work!!!   >^!^<


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