2020 Furry Scurry

Team G.A.B.

Help the GABsters help the DDFL

Your donation -- no matter the size -- helps the Dumb Friends League in SO many ways.

They of course help homeless pets (of all types -- cats, dogs, gerbils, bunnies, horses, turtles, rats, etc) find loving homes, but they do so much more in the community.

They have education programs to help kids and grownups alike learn about being a responsible pet owner.

DDFL runs a low/no cost vet clinic for pet owners who would otherwise be unable to pay for the care that their furry friend needs.

A unique foster program takes care of pets while their owners find safe housing, or stay in a hospital.

There are more reasons to support them, but the biggest reason involves a wagging tail, playful whinny or a silly meow.

We appreciate your support of our team's efforts!

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