Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the 2018 Furry Scurry. Volunteers help keep the event running smoothly, all while enjoying a day out with thousands of pooches and people who love them.

When you volunteer for the Dumb Friends League Furry Scurry, you’ll be helping homeless animals receive the loving care and second chances for happiness they deserve.

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Volunteer Positions

  • Registration

    Receive registration forms and pledge money from participants, and ensure each registration form is completed. Hand out registration bibs, T-shirts and incentive items to eligible individuals.

  • Pre-Event Setup

    Help unload trucks at Washington Park on Friday, May 4.

  • Volunteer Check-In

    Assist with check-in for event-day volunteers.

  • Event Day Setup

    Assist with setting up the registration area, T-shirt distribution area, contest areas, water stations, start and finish lines, signs, banners, trash receptacles, tables, tents, etc.

  • Tear Down

    Assist with taking down barricades, fencing, start and finish lines, signs, banners, trash receptacles, tables, tents, etc.

  • Water Stations

    Provide water for people and dogs at the finish line or at the west side of the course. Keep water stations clean, and clean up the area at the end of the shift.

  • Crowd Management at the Start or Finish Line

    Help control traffic flow at the start line or help control the flow at the finish line.

  • Dog Sitters

    Hold participants’ dogs on their leashes while participants use the restroom.

  • Signs and Banners

    Assist with posting and setting up signs and banners throughout the park on event day.