Fundraising Incentives

Your Total Your Impact Your Incentive
baby food icon
$50 can help buy 48 jars of baby food to reward anxious cats during confidence-building behavior sessions.
blue event T-shirt with logoOfficial Furry Scurry event T-shirt
hotdog icon
$75 can help provide 100 cheese sticks and 100 hot dogs to reward fearful dogs during Canine Courage training.
Furry Scurry brandana and dog tag
Official Furry Scurry event ruff buff and dog tag, plus item above
home icon
$125 can help provide kitten formula, litter, bedding, medical supplies, vaccines and spay/neuter surgery for a kitten in foster care.
water bottle and dog bowl
Official Furry Scurry event h2goŽ water bottle and collapsible dog bowl, plus items above
mobile clinic icon
$250 can help cover the cost of two cat surgeries on our Meow Mobile spay/neuter clinic.
long-sleeved T-shirt with gloves
Official Furry Scurry event long-sleeved T-shirt and touchscreen gloves, plus items above
heart icon
$375 can help provide lifesaving heartworm treatment for a small dog.
Matador™ DayLite16 weatherproof packable backpack, plus items above
investigator badge icon
$500 can help our investigators respond to an animal mistreatment or neglect situation and transfer the pet to safety.
dogs of denver book and blanket
Dogs of Denver coffee table book and official Furry Scurry event sweatshirt blanket, plus items above
medical badge icon
$750 can help provide surgical repair for a dog with an injured knee.
Official Furry Scurry event Landway Phantom hooded jacket, plus items above

stethoscope icon
$1,000 can help treat seven puppies for parvo, a life-threatening virus.
dog portait
Custom canvas portrait of your pet in one of four styles; watercolor, geometric, minimal or photo, plus items above
dental icon
$3,000 can help provide desperately needed, pain-relieving dental surgery for six homeless pets.
ninja coffee bar
Ninja Coffee BarŽ carafe with pod-free single serve, plus items above
hay bale icon
$5,000 can provide nourishing hay to feed 36 formerly abused or neglected horses for one month.
amazon echo
Amazon Echo 360° omni-directional audio speaker enabled with Alexa Voice Service, plus items above
home icon
$10,000 can allow us to transfer in 100 dogs from other shelters, giving them a much better chance of finding forever homes.
dyson vacuum
Dyson V6 Animal cord-free hassle-free vacuum, plus items above