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Join us in the Spring Gift Challenge!

Donate to the League by April 30, and any gift you send can be matched up to $100,000 to help animals like Squash, Turnip, Carrot and Pepper!

A caring person came upon the pups, who appeared to be days old, near their deceased mother. The litter was starving, cold and would not survive without immediate intervention. The pups, nestled together for warmth in an old vegetable box, arrived at the Dumb Friends League for the care they so desperately needed.

Now, your gift can be doubled to help twice as many animals! If you already donated, thank you! Your gift will be matched.


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Large as life and twice as nice

Lightning may not strike in the same place twice, but Charlotte is no electric current, and this sweet cat found herself at the Dumb Friends League Leslie A. Malone Center on two occasions. Charlotte’s first visit came after being left in the League’s night kennels and the second after her human faced medical issues and was unable to care for the cat she had for 10 years. Charlotte is now surrounded by toys, soft beds and lots of love with her new family!


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Introducing the Socially Conscious Sheltering Social Media Toolkit

Social media can be a powerful channel for advancing legislation, helping advocates to reach target audiences with strategic messaging and visuals. The Socially Conscious Sheltering (SCS) Social Media Toolkit is intended to do just that help disseminate and highlight information about the SCS bill, including what the bill does, who supports it and how it will make a difference for Colorado shelters and rescue pets! Learn more about the SCS Social Media Toolkit and how you can help spread the word!

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Adoptions by appointment only

The health of our staff, volunteers, patrons and animals in our care are always our priority. As the Coronavirus continues to impact our community, animals at the League still need homes. To provide the best and safest outcomes for pets and people, all adoptions will be handled by appointment only until further notice. For details on how to schedule an appointment, visit ddfl.org.

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