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Trigger running in a field

Have you heard about Trigger?

There was no way Trigger knew what he was about to endure as his owners tied one end of a rope to his halter and the other to the hitch of a pickup truck. The truck started, the 12-year-old dappled palomino’s owners began to drive, and the rope tightened. Trigger struggled while being dragged as he desperately tried to resist the accelerating truck. Trigger’s suffering was captured on video and shared on social media and by news outlets across the country. Trigger was seized by the Grand County Sheriff’s Office and brought to the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center.


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White horse looking into the camera

Open your heart to the benefits of owning a senior horse

If 50 is the new 40 for humans, then 20 is the new 10 for horses. Senior horses, typically those who are 20 years or older, need homes just like younger ones. Don’t let a few stray grey hairs or a little less bounce in steps deter you. Do you know the saying about experience coming with age? It’s true for horses, too! Older horses have a lot of love to share.

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Socially concious sheltering

Giddy up to the Harmony Equine Center Horse Expo

The Expo is free and gives visitors the opportunity to take guided tours of the spectacular 168-acre facility, attend horsemanship workshops and training demonstrations, meet adoptable horses and relax and enjoy food trucks. New this year, stay for a special free country music performance at the end of Saturday’s events. Experience Harmony while relaxing outside and enjoying food and drinks. 

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Two trainers riding horses

Trainer’s Tip: Barn sour

With the weather and shorter daylight hours, sometimes it’s challenging for owners to find riding time. When horses sit for an extended period, it may be common for them to become “barn sour.” 

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Dogs of Denver

Tonic is looking for a home

Tonic is a cute little pony that has been recently started under saddle. She has a lot of potential and with some consistency, she'll make a great little riding pony. (You can also check out her best friend Gin.)

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Colorado Gives Day
Critter Camp on November 25
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