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Dumb Friends League, Compassion Always
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Slavens Elenemtry

A shared passion for animals and some healthy competition benefit homeless pets

The Slavens Elementary School students used their problem-solving skills for more than just Destination Imagination (DI) challenges. The students who were a part of the DI club and shared a passion for animals were so inspired after taking a tour of the Quebec Street Shelter they organized a school-wide challenge to collect donations for the Dumb Friends League.

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Bully Pevention

The bully prevention program reaches a milestone!

Aurora Academy helped the humane education team take the bullying prevention program to new heights! The program was introduced to schools just a few months ago, and Aurora Academy is the first school to have every grade level from first through eighth complete the program!

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Signs for adoptable pets

The sweetest adopt me signs in the shelter

Dumb Friends League participants in Pawsitive Services Days and camps have a unique gallery to showcase their artistic talents … the kennel windows around the Quebec Street Shelter. While not as grand as the Lourve Museum, these works are just as impressive around the shelter.

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Tails that Teach

Building a healthy relationship between children and their pets

The Humane Education department is excited to receive 175 copies of “Love Me Gently, A Kid’s Guide for Man’s Best Friend” to share with children ages 3 through 8 at the Quebec Street Shelter and the Dumb Friends League Solutions Veterinary Hospital as part of the Tails That Teach nonprofit organization.

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